Key trends for autumn/winter 2012-2013

Some of the key styles and looks to be inspired by in the colder months

As summer fades into autumn, and autumn rains begin to show the signs of the first winter, fashion thoughts turn to key trends for the oncoming season. It has been nearly six months since the catwalks showed their autumn/winter collections, but it is this month that the results begin to be seen on high streets, in department stores and online.

Alongside top trends for dresses there are also some key looks and ideas for coats and layering, as well as general trends and favourite looks which can be worn across your wardrobe – or used for accessorizing and make-up.

We loved the Observer’s recent guide to 10 top a/w trends, and their focus on the trophy jumper and top knitwear is key: having a statement sweater (this doesn’t mean one with a statement written on it, just something bold and wearable) is one of this season’s key looks, and it is something which can liven up any outfit.

Sequin legginings - Feather cardigan - Next Fall-2012-2013-trends

Next’s Softly Sparkle Collection does a great line in the kind of statement knits we are talking about. It also picks up on one of the season’s main trends, that goes across the board: glitter and sparkle.

Louche ostrich effect cardigans are paired with sequins and glittery eyes for a little smattering of stardust on a cold autumn night. Sequin dresses and knits are also a great way of combining the love of sparkles with that statement sweater.

When it comes to throws, coats and jackets, think textures too – from the aforementioned ostrich look to faux fur and larger-than-life knits or boiled/reworked wool. Larger structures and big shapes are key – cape style, mannish round-shouldered coats, or super-textured, big furry numbers.

Fur gilet - Poncho - Next Fall-2012-2013 outerwear trends

Gilets and sleeveless jackets (pictured below), or contrast-sleeved coats are big for autumn/winter 2012. Wear them longline rather than cropped – an alternative overcoat – and cinch with a skinny belt. According to the Observer, the skinny belt is to this season’s textured look, and will really help you out when it comes to layering, by adding a touch of femininity and structure.

Fur Gilet - Next Fall-2012-2013 outerwear trends

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