Glitter shoes : Worn all the time will bring sparkle to life


There are no rights and wrongs in fashion anymore. Once we realize that we can truly free our inner style and establish who we want to be. I have come to the conclusion that when we are young, we always think whether people will like us, but as time goes by, this does not really matter anymore. The mindset shifts towards authenticity and freedom. This makes us start asking ourselves different questions more in the likes of what defines us and if the scenario fits with who WE ARE.

I am always inspired by less of a show-off bloggers such as Betty, because they have a rather effortless style, as compared to the polished appearance of so many street style icons. Therefore I must share with you my latest passion for glitter shoes.



1 F-Troupe Glitter laceup shoes
2 New Look glitter ankle boots
3 KG by Kurt Geiger sneakers
4 Kate Spade Pumps
5 Topshop Rebel Sandals
6 Shellys London Glitter Boots

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