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My name is Lizzie and I am an online fashion editor at Shining

This project has started a couple of years ago because we were so passionate about fashion and we wanted to share our ideas and finds with people like us. Since fashion blogging, street style and online shops have become such a massive phenomenon, now there are so many sources from which you can get inspired and define your style.

This has become our mission!

Shining brings you face to face with lots of amazing styles, gorgeous pieces of clothing and carefully selected outfits. Even if you’re into the edgy fashion forward looks or you like vintage pieces and unique items, we are ready! Taking you from runway to street-way, we are up-to-date with the latest trends, collections and must – have accessories. You can discover how to wear the hottest items of the season, check out celebrity styles or choose from various what-to-wear options.

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The Shining Trends team.